Carbon Footprint

Getting Ready for @PARK(ing)DayPVD! #climatechange #sealevelrise #oceanstate

We've been hard at work planning, modeling, and prototyping a pop-up park to engage the community about the issue of sea level rise in Rhode Island.  The neighbor's cat came over to lend a helping paw with our prototype. If you're curious about what we've been up to, come see us on September 16 from 9-5 in front of the Bank of America Building at 111 Westminster St. in downtown Providence!  Come enjoy cold drinks and fun (there'll be sidewalk chalk), and help us envision a better future for the Ocean State. 

Climate Change Fact of the Day:

  • The average carbon footprint per person/per year in America is 20 metric tons.
  • The average carbon footprint per person/per year for all other nationalities is 4 metric tons.
  • The worldwide target for combating climate change is 2 metric tons.

To learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint, visit (big hint: drive less)