Landscape Architecture survey (please take and pass along)

The American Society of Landscape Architects is looking for both men and women to complete a survey to help them better understand the topic of talent retention by gender and race. What are the underlying tensions that persist throughout our professional lives and what are the professional and personal milestones that affect career progression. Please take the survey, and pass it along to other current or former landscape architects, both MEN and WOMEN. We think this will be extremely valuable information.

Complete the WILA Survey

A Visit to Crosby Arboretum in Mississippi #ASLA2016Expo

This week Taber and Melissa are at the American Society of Landscape Architects annual conference in New Orleans.  The Expo is an opportunity for members of the profession from across the country to gather and contribute to current discourse.  

Today the SDG team toured the beautiful Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, MS.  The master plan and landscape design for the Arboretum won the ASLA Honor Award in 1985 among many other accolades for its quality of design and cultural as well as ecological services.

"The Crosby Arboretum is dedicated to educating the public about their environment. This mission is carried out by preserving, protecting, and displaying plants native to the Pearl River Drainage Basin ecosystem, providing environmental and botanical research opportunities, and offering cultural, scientific, and recreational programs. The Arboretum displays three basic habitats found in this ecosystem. They are a Savanna exhibit, a Woodland exhibit, and an Aquatic exhibit. Both drastic and subtle changes in landscape patterns can be observed within each exhibit. In addition to the 104-acre interpretive site, the Arboretum also collectively maintains 700 acres of off-site natural areas that are preserved for scientific study."

Stay tuned for more adventures from down South!

Welcome Jess and Rebecca!

Jess Wilson is one of two interns joining Searle Design Group for the Summer.  She has just completed her first year of the MLA I program at RISD.  Jess comes from a background in Architecture and received a B.S. from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.  She is an ASLA student member.  


Rebecca Ladd is also joining Searle Design Group for a summer internship.  She has just completed her second year of the MLA I program at RISD.  Rebecca has a background in Interior Architecture and completed her undergraduate studies at University of North Carolina, Greensboro.  She is the treasurer of the RISD ASLA student chapter.  

We're presenting at Green RI hosted by @AIARhodeIsland and @iidaNE

Come by and hear our and others presentations, tour the gardens, and attend the Sustainable Design Showcase #GreenRI


Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
1000 Elmwood Avenue – Providence, RI