#ProjectUpdate - Swan Point Cemetery Expansion

Searle Design Group LLC has worked with Swan Point Cemetery - the largest green space in Providence - for over 20 years. This historic, 200-acre cemetery was one of the first "garden cemeteries" in the country, and one of SDG's objectives over the years has been maintaining its elegant historic character while facilitating necessary expansion. Last summer, SDG seamlessly implemented a burial plot expansion into the subtly rolling topography with permeable paving, native plantings, swales and a series of check dams addressing environmental concerns related to an adjacent wetland.

This week, plans went out to bid for a new cremation garden and burial plots within the expanded area. Swan Point recognized a trend toward cremation over traditional burial in recent years, so they asked SDG to create a serene, contemplative setting. SDG's design incorporates schist pavers and artfully arranged boulders paired with a colorful planting palette to create spaces for reflection and celebration.