The Ocean State in the Face of Sea Level Rise #sealevel #climatechange

  • Rhode Island is only 37 miles wide and 48 miles long, yet has over 400 miles of coastline.  
  • For every inch of sea level rise, the ocean moves 50-100 inches inland.
  • 2015 was the warmest year on record.  

These facts are alarming, especially if you live in one of the 2.6 million homes in the United States that will be flooded as a result of sea level rise in the next 35 years. As human pollution and over-consumption continue to cause global temperatures to spike resulting in melting ice caps and altered weather patterns, Rhode Island is poised at a pivotal moment in history. The state has the opportunity to set a precedent of innovative coastal design solutions, but we need to modify our development and consumption patterns at every scale before the Ocean State is entirely returned to the ocean.

To explore the consequences of sea level rise in Rhode Island and beyond, visit Climate Central's interactive maps and databases at Also visit Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council Climate Change and Sea Level Rise page for what is happening in our state at a government policy level.

Come share your thoughts about sea level rise with us at the (PARK)ing Day Event on September 18, 2016 from 9am-5pm. We will be creating an informative and interactive parklet in front of the Bank of America Building in downtown Providence (111 Westminster St.)  We look forward to seeing you there!